Mar 292011

Happy vernal equinox! We’ve been getting some rain here in Hollywood lately, and it’s so inspiring. What can I say? I’m from Oregon. I get excited when the sky goes slate-gray. Anyway, I got to looking at raindrops shimmering on blades of grass out the back window one morning, while brushing my teeth, and thought, “Hey, that looks like a necklace draped in crystals.” Next thing I knew I was snapping photos of all the weeds, wildflowers and garden cultivars I could find.

Swarovski crystal, tourmaline and tourmalinated quartz
I call this The Fairy Princess of the Hollywood Hills necklace. It just looks like something a fairy princess would wear. And I can see the colors of jade plants and wild grasses that dot the hills up here reflected in its colors. The 16-inch piece is composed of Swarovski crystals, tourmaline and tourmalinated quartz, punctuated with Miyuki seed beads and hung on drapes of sterling silver chain. A delicate explosion of variegated color.
grass and jade plants

Jade plants tinged with the blush of the new season clutch the ground under an arc of wild grass dripping with liquid diamonds.

For the last couple of weeks, whenever there’s been a break in the weather, I’ve been grabbing my camera and heading outside. My travels have taken me as near as my own yard and as far as Griffith Park (which is really just up the street). Thanks to the precipitation, the park is ribboned with fast-moving streams (as opposed to the usual slow trickle) and waterfalls. Yes, even in the heart of Hollywood, we have waterfalls! After my shooting safaris, mud still wedged into the treads of my boots, I rush to my studio to design necklaces. I mainly use semiprecious stones and Swarovski crystals in my effort to reflect the colors I’m seeing, some complete with “raindrops.” Each piece is combined in some way with sterling silver, which, I think, imparts the look of dewy gossamer. The result, I think, is quite nice. I hope you’ll agree. Stay tuned for more. Additional wildflowers are emerging every day — as are design ideas.

Let There Be Pearls

Posted by Rebecca Stone on March 2, 2011
Mar 022011

Spring is getting closer. I can smell the blossom scent in the wind — unless, of course it’s a Santa Ana wind that visits from time to time around here and can nearly rip the hair out of your head. But I digress.

pearl and crystal necklace
Cream and rose freshwater pearl combine with fuschia Swarovski crystals and a smattering of sterling silver in this Springy necklace. A wild rose cloisonne bead sits at its heart.
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For some reason, I recently felt like doing something with pearls — freshwater pearls to be exact. They’re just so darn creamy and, well, Springy-looking. They called to me, saying, “Put us together with some sparkly Swarovski crystals!” (As if Swarovski crystals could ever be anything but sparkly. But these are pearls talking…) Anyway, it sounded like a good idea. So I did.

Pearl, Swarovski, black onyx and sterling silver necklace
This time, I paired the same pearls with black onyx, black Swarovski crystals and sterling silver for a high-contrast look. After all, Spring is full of contrasts! A black cloisonne bead with a mallow type of flower resides dead center.
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I threw in a touch of sterling silver here, and a touch of gold-fill there. And I had perfect little cloissone beads, that added just the right touch dead center. Each necklace reminds me of a little whisper, a gentle touch, a delicate bouquet from the Spring that will soon arrive (even for those of you in the Midwest, East Coast, and — right now — Pacific Northwest). Take heart! Take a necklace! Be happy! And be sparkly!

Pearls with Swarovski and red
Finally, I had to try the deep red (Siam) Swarovski side-by-side with the delicate pearl shades. Punched up with gold-filled beads and the central cloisonne pink and red “hibiscus,” I think the piece has a kind of noirish playfulness — if that’s possible.
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