A Brand New Year!

Posted by Rebecca Stone on January 1, 2010
Jan 012010

Wow! It’s January 1, 2010 — already (or: It’s about time?). I wonder what kind of year it will be. As I sit in an Internet cafe (Cyber Gardens) on the Oregon Coast (Lincoln City), I’m studying Adobe; researching everything I can, related to jewelry making; contemplating life, in general; and looking out, between shots of Mocha, at the storm du jour that has rolled in. It’s windy, rainy, a regular howling gale. For me, a gift. Perfect jewelry-design weather, and a wonderful treat for someone who lives in Los Angeles.

While visiting my mom, here, I’ve been able to return to a routine started last year of hitting the beach daily at low tide to walk miles of sand and scale rocky outcroppings and boulders in the hunt for agates, carnelian, jasper and anything else that looks interesting. The best of these stones, I will stow away along with my lingerie (do cotton socks count as lingerie?) for the flight home in a few days. There, I will tumble them for a few weeks and hone my wire-wrapping skills. Can’t wait to see how they will polish up… But I will miss the rain.

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