Bracelets and Merlot

Posted by Rebecca Stone on January 6, 2010
Jan 062010

When you’re dealing with seed beads and intricate designs, especially in poor light, a glass of good Merlot (Shiraz or whatever you have on hand — I’m no snob) can go a long way toward keeping the situation under control. Last night I burned the oil way past midnight, playing around with a couple of bracelet designs. One is a sterling chain with hand-wrapped crystal and garnet bangles and the other features strung crystals and stones fringed with delicate loops of crystal seed beads. Next project: necklace featuring Oregon opal. It’s such a delicate stone, it’s easy to crack while wrapping, so I must proceed with caution. But it offers really pretty shades of sky blue with interesting inclusions of golds, creams and black. Can’t wait to pour myself a glass and start in.

Despite turning in late, I got up this morning to, once again, hit the beach at low tide. Got lucky: Misty rain and relatively calm conditions permitted me to climb around the rocks to the cove. I didn’t chance staying too long, but while there, I found some good-sized agates (some nice banded ones) and some interesting jaspers. Also, engaged in a little spelunking. Nothing too serious, but the cove is laced with shallow sea caves that featured symphonies of dripping water to accompany my contemplations of the gravel. It would all be very Zen-like if it weren’t for the fact that you sort of feel under the gun to hurry up, get your booty and get out of there before the tide or the weather turns.

There are usually a couple of small waterfalls in my little area, but with the rains, these had swelled and branched into multiple liquid crystal cascades, which resolved into rushing creeks and rivulets that carved the sand into small canyons before merging with the waves. Magical. Weather permitting, I’m taking my camera on my next foray. Stay tuned.

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